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Guilt Free Confetti!
BioConfetti is the eco-friendly and guilt free choice of wedding confetti, a water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable confetti product that dissolves and blows away shortly after being used to create a memorable confetti moment. As concerns for our planet increase, biodegradable wedding confetti is the way forward in the world of wedding confetti.

Our exclusive brand of confetti is water-soluble and completely biodegradable made from rice paper, ideal for use outdoors which will virtually disappears when it gets wet, either hose it away or let nature help with the clean-up.

BioConfetti is the perfect way to send off the bride and groom, and leave the environment unharmed and it does not pose harm to birds and animals. Our confetti is a perfect choice if your wedding venue will not allow you to throw bird seed, rice, or anything else that is not biodegradable.

Our BioConfetti Bags have been specifically designed to give an environmentally friendly packaging solution, made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable, just remember to remove the Tin-Tie!

Partner in Climate Action - For every order, BioConfetti plants a tree on behalf of customers! So create, celebrate and enjoy your special moment with BioConfetti!

A Timeless Tradition

Old Tradition - New Style - BioConfetti

The timeless tradition of throwing confetti over the happy newlyweds is alive and well today. What has changed though, is that today more more people, venues and locations are becoming more concious and aware of the environment and the mess of the traditional paper confetti, rice, seed throw of yesteryear. Gone are the days where brightly coloured off cuts of confetti became a slushy mess on the grass after a shower of rain.

Today’s wedding prefers Bioconfetti - the guilt free, biodegradable solution.

The colour combinations stand out well against any backdrop in your wedding photos, whether that be a garden, a stone church or the beach.

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