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How Much Should I Order?

As a guide – we recommend approx. 50g is a nice little handful of BioConfetti which of course does depend on the size of your cones, hands or how the confetti will be dispersed! 

Most customers orders are 1KG to 2KG which should be able to provide more than ample BioConfetti for a wedding ceremony celebration and hopefully some leftover after the ceremony for any photo fun!

Its really up to personal discretion - if you are 'hand throwing' the BioConfetti or using toss cones or something similar, also depends on how many guests or if you need some extra for photos as well. So 50g per person / per throw / per handful is a pretty easy way to divide it and take into consideration the amount to order.

Its always an option to to place a small order, have a play and some fun, divide it up into handfuls or throw cones and if you feel that you maybe wont have enough, we are more than happy to provide you with a free shipping promo code on your next order.