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Environmentally Friendly Confetti | BioConfetti Australia

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Finally, an environmentally friendly solution and alternative for the traditional Wedding confetti toss at venues or locations where, rose petals, nuts, rice may not be permitted.

Our exclusive brand of confetti is water-soluble and completely biodegradable made from rice paper, for use outdoors which will magically disappear when it gets wet, either hose it away or let nature help with the clean-up. 

Various colours suit a wide range of events and applications!

Bulk and carton discounts apply, please call 1800 069 007 to discuss your requirements.

Please note, Bio Fetti is not flame retardant - only use outdoors. Eco Confetti starts to dissolve on contact with water - only use in dry conditions, never in the rain. BioConfetti becomes slippery as it dissolves. It is best used on grass, roads and beaches. Avoid use on smooth surfaces.

As a guide – we recommend approx. 50g is a nice little handful of BioConfetti which of course does depend on the size of your cones, hands or how the confetti will be dispersed! 

Most customers orders are 1KG to 2KG which should be able to provide more than ample BioConfetti for a wedding ceremony celebration and hopefully some leftover after the ceremony for any photo fun!

Its really up to personal discretion - if you are 'hand throwing' the BioConfetti or using toss cones or something similar, also depends on how many guests or if you need some extra for photos as well. So 50g per person / per throw / per handful is a pretty easy way to divide it and take into consideration the amount to order.

Its always an option to to place a small order, have a play and some fun, divide it up into handfuls or throw cones and if you feel that you maybe wont have enough, we are more than happy to provide you with a free shipping promo code on your next order.

Sustainable Confetti

BioConfetti is the eco-friendly and guilt free choice of wedding confetti, the confetti is water soluble and dissolves, made of a rice paper food grade product and dissolves and blows away shortly after being used to create your confetti moment. As concerns for our planet increase, biodegradable wedding confetti is the way forward in the world of wedding confetti.

This is also another positive of our biodegradable wedding confetti, there is minimal cleaning up after they have been thrown as opposed to paper confetti where it would require someone to sweep it up. BioConfetti is also less harmful to wildlife as it is made from a glutinous rice paper.

So, to summarise, our BioConfetti creates a stunning wedding confetti moment without harming the environment or wildlife. So create, celebrate and enjoy your special moment with BioConfetti!

Sustainable Eco Packaging

Our BioConfetti Bags have been specifically designed to give an environmentally friendly packaging solution, made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable, just remember to remove the Tin-Tie! 

It's more important than ever to make choices for your brand that benefit the environment and this sustainable eco packaging is the best way to do that for us!

Partner in Climate Action + Plant-A-Tree

For every order, BioConfetti Australia plants a tree on behalf of customers!

As a company, we strongly believe we have a responsibility to operate in a manner that is sustainable as well as environmentally and socially. We believe this commitment is a significant step towards a more sustainable future and partnering with a recognised organisation such as Carbon Neutral adds another level of integrity to our environmental actions.

It symbolises a commitment to promoting care for our climate and the environment with native mixed species tree planting that promise real and additional emission reductions.

Partnering with Carbon Neutral has enabled us to do this transparently & successfully. Carbon Neutral’s long term vision, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, is a fantastic initiative and one we are proud to contribute to.