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BioConfetti Blog

DIY Confetti Cones

by Natasha Hara
DIY Confetti Cones

Prepare your guests—and yourself—for a fun ceremony exit with a DIY Confetti Cone filled with our ecof friendly BioConfetti!

Planning on having your guests help out with a special ceremony exit (and a beautiful photo op)? Set out a basket of easy-to-grab cones at the head of the aisle, or place them on every two or three seats so they're waiting for guests upon their arrival. Include a note in your program asking them to shower you in bioconfetti as you make your way up the aisle as a married duo.

Always talk to your venue in advance. Some might charge a fee for cleaning up traditional confetti or rice, but most outdoor venues are more than happy with our environmentally friendly biodegradable confetti to be tossed as it is water soluble and dissolves . We always recommend that it's best to ask up front but one thing's for sure: You're going to get some beautiful action shots and keep your environmental footprint to a minimum!