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Old Traditions - New Style - BioConfetti

by Natasha Hara
Old Traditions - New Style - BioConfetti

The timeless tradition of throwing confetti over the happy newlyweds is alive and well today. What has changed though, is that today more more people, venues and locations are becoming more concious and aware of the environment and the mess of the traditional paper confetti, rice, seed throw of yesteryear. Gone are the days where brightly coloured off cuts of confetti became a slushy mess on the grass after a shower of rain.

Today’s bride prefers Bioconfetti - the guilt free, eco-friendly, biodegradable solution.

The colour combinations stand out well against any backdrop in your wedding photos, whether that be a garden, a stone church or the beach.

Photo by Samantha Heather Photography 


Bioconfetti Bridal Party throwing Confetti in front of building